Battlefield: Home

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Through the Lens of the Daughter of a Vietnam Vet

An upcoming feature-length documentary  about the honor of service and the issues that impact our veterans and families when the call to duty ends. 

As the country comes to learn of the cost of war through topics of, “Improvised Explosives Devices,” (IED’s), “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,” (PTSD), and “Traumatic Brain Injury,” (TBI), the story of the individual becomes lost in a world of acronyms and dialogue
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This film tells both sides of a veteran’s story, not only the emotional and physical issues of combat, war and injuries, but of life and courage. 

Inspired by the director's personal journey during the Vietnam years, Battlefield: Home is the extension of her unanswered questions that impacted her family during a time of social turmoil.

In speaking to our current warriors of today, Battlefield: Home seeks answers and understanding

Our veterans and family members speak first-hand of friends, loss and honor.

This intimate insight into the lives and homes of our veteran community, combined with our balance of medical and psychological experts, explains the realities of war, service and resiliency.

"Soldier's bellies are not satisfied with empty promises and hope"

Peter the Great