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Every warrior, who ever went to battle, is still there. Every family that warrior came home to, joined that battle. For them, long after the flags have retired, the weapons have been stored, the histories have been written, the war never ends. For the warrior…For the family. 

As the country comes to learn acronyms for Improvised Explosive Device, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, much has been said about the plight of the returning veteran.  But there is one perspective that has gotten lost in the discussion; the perspective of the families who welcome their heroes home. 

The military family knows this. For the most part, they maintain the silent dignity of the service.  It’s part of the unspoken Code of Conduct for the families of those who serve. But for those in the civilian world, the silence goes unnoticed. Most of the population doesn’t know…they don’t care to know.  Their silence is deafening. They can’t even conceive of the battle that comes home. 

BATTLEFIELD: HOME – BREAKING THE SILENCE is an attempt to bridge the gap between those two worlds.  A feature-length documentary about the invisible issues that impact our veterans and their families; with an emphasis on the families that stand in the shadows but are the first line of care for the returning heroes.

It is about the problems they all face, the obstacles they endure, the frustrations that mount, the despair in trying to be understood, and it is also about the hope of the human spirit to return to just being whole again.

Created, produced, and directed by a military brat, “Battlefield: Home –Breaking The Silence,” has the unique perspective to tell that story. As the daughter of a Vietnam-era combat Marine, her quest is to examine the impact and effects of service, honor and trauma on the military family and shine a light on the social divide between the families of those who serve and those they protect.

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"Soldier's bellies are not satisfied with empty promises and hope"

Peter the Great